You know it’s a good day when you begin the morning and end the evening with a good meal among good friends.

By that measure, our second day in Grand Rapids was a success. But also because we had an extra day to listen deeper to the community – thanks again to the efforts of Joni Namyst (and daughter Jenna), John Latimer, Scott Hall and the folks at KAXE-FM (Grand Rapids).

We arrived at the KAXE studio on the Mississippi near the new trail bridge just after 8:00 AM. Scott invited us in to share the project with listeners (and engage in some phenology talk with John (Minnesota Phenology Network). 

We were pleasantly surprised to meet Molly McGregor, author of the Mississippi Headwaters Guidebook. She stopped by the studio for an introduction and gave us a copy of her book – a beautifully written and illustrated guide covering natural, cultural, scenic, scientific, and recreational aspects of the Mississippi headwaters region.

Victoria did a nice job presenting the project and even got to “ring the gong” as new pledges were received for the KAXE fund drive. You can listen here at the link above. The Relay interview starts 15:00 minutes into the broadcast. 

Our next stop was at Grand Rapids High School for a workshop with the color guard. It was a morning of shared movement.

Victoria and the team spent two hours in motion (with not enough water breaks!) and at the end, we felt that we all learned something significant. Much thanks to Jenna the dancing pharmacist for her help 🙂

We took time for a quick picnic along the river – crackers, cheese, hummus and jerky (van food!) before returning to Jeff and Sandy’s for an afternoon of compiling, transcribing, downloading, etc. 

The evening was capped off with a delicious walleye meal prepared by Jeff with fish from Rainy Lake in Minnesota’s northwest angle. 

Crashed hard after that. It was a good day.