Victoria Bradford | A House Unbuilt received research and development support for Relay of Voices by the Chicago Dancemakers Forum, the Bradford Family Fund, 3Arts and donors to 3AP (3Arts Projects), as well as other individual donations.

Direct program support for Relay has been provided by:

The Bradford Family Fund
Hank Danos
Louisiana Seafood & Marketing Board
Mississippi River Parkway Commission
Gray Stream
Vesta & Mark Johnston
Mike Hamner
Reed Mendelson
Joe W. and Dorothy Brown Foundation

Baton Rouge Area Foundation
Eileen & Robert Piper
L & T Health Systems
Empire of the Seed
American Press Foundation
Pelican Foundation
Lake Charles Memorial Hospital / Larry Graham
Joel & Matt Redd
Anne & Paul Guillory

As well as: Nancy Coffey, Tracy Lemieux, Debbie Brinkmann, Ann Waris, Cathy & Jay Sanders, Deborah & Andrew Voxx, Carol & David Flanagan, Linda & Steve Cavin, Ollie & Elwyn Cavin, Jennifer & Chuck Bellon, Christy & Chris Jones, Beth & Dan Eason, Lee Boyer, Shirley & Tom Henning, Helen & Jim Boyer, Sandra & Ron Futrell, Courtney & Robert Dampf, Jane & D. C. Flynt, Lisa & Louis Todd, Neuro Associates, Phyllis & Gene Steech, JoLynn & Ronnie Dingler, Rau Financial Group, McElroy, Quirk & Burke, Kathy & M. L. Vincent, Ronnie Johns Campaign Fund, Cyrena & Pat Hight, Ann Todd, Scott Silberstein, Morning Star, Free Swim Fund, Lake Charles Memorial Hospital Foundation, Mary & Wilton Wallace, Linda & Bob Bradford, Kim & Cliff Greene, Steve Higginbothom, Oakville Community Club, Tanya & Damian France, Connie & Van Cheramie, Dee Lowrey, and Belinda Graham.



From the Director:


This project is dedicated to my mother, without whose support, generosity, and true collaboration, Relay could not and would not exist. We started at the top of the river not knowing if we would be speaking by the end of it, and yet in the end, we found ourselves the old friends I always wanted to be.



Special thanks to James Pike, my committed advisor; Nic Ruley, my coach and friend who has always believed me stronger than I am; my family, especially my brother John and his wife Anne as well as my parents John and Dinah Bradford; and many thanks to all those who have already offered hospitality along the way: Coral and Richard Byrd, Susan and Steve Vescovo, Connie and Jerry Johnson, Anne and Paul Guillory, Kim and Cliff Greene, Barb and Aaron Huffman, and most especially my husband Tom Styrbicki.

Victoria Bradford Styrbicki



And to the River…


“Into the same rivers we step and do not step, we are and are not.”