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Angela Gronroos, Company Member

Angela Gronroos (b. 1982) is a dancer and a maker. She was born in Bangkok, Thailand, raised in Anchorage, Alaska, and now resides in Chicago, Illinois. Her training as a performer started in Judo, for which she competed twice at the national level. She later studied modern dance, contact improvisation, and Butoh, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Dance from Columbia College Chicago.

Gronroos has worked professionally with various artists including Ginger Farley, J’sun Howard, Margaret Morris, and Ayako Kato.  Before joining A House Unbuilt’s Relay Team, she was finishing coursework toward a Masters Degree in Urban Planning with a focus on Community Development at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Gronroos sees a strong connection between her community-based movement research for Relay and her previous work at Uptown United, a neighborhood based organization in Chicago assisting with community events and partnerships. She values a sense of play and investigation in the creative process and is drawn to collaboration. Relay of Voices has allowed her to incorporate these values and explore the intersection and in between spaces of movement and community—the places we reside, the spaces we ignore, and the stories imbedded in between.