Relay Basics


In Summer/Fall of 2019, five women will begin a 100-day journey on foot from the Headwaters to the Mouth of the Mississippi River.

The project aims to:

  • Build a stronger sense of community along the regions of the Mississippi River
  • Integrate movement research with fieldwork from anthropology, ecology, and social geography
  • Use physicality to engage more deeply in the environment, with researchers and residents running downriver, traveling a collective 2,300 miles by foot



You can be involved in Relay!
We are looking for Community Partners to:

  • Offer time to meet and have a conversation
  • Participate in brainstorming, helping us shape Relay to respond and adapt to your community
  • Offer a platform to help build engagement—some ideas: Direct Contacts, Social Media, Collaborative Programming, etc.
  • Offer practical and logistical support, for example…
  • Shape and strengthen our research—connect us with specific, individual citizens whose voices can connect us with the River
  • Help us locate/secure space to launch our morning movement before we run to the next town
  • Share local rules, permits, and policies for public events and arts/social programming
  • Connect us with groups and individuals who might be willing to volunteer on the ground, including running support (aid stations) and technical support at public events



A Day in the Life of Relay...
Our vision for Relay is contingent on your invitation:

  • Welcome us to your community around 2 o’clock in the afternoon by hosting an event in a public park or open space. We will invite those gathered to join us in our final laps, walking and running. Together we will keep moving as we “listen” to the voices from our previous destination along the route.
  • Connect us with specific, individual residents in your community whose voices can connect us to the River. We are looking to spend a few hours with them, watching and witnessing their everyday lives through “movement interviews.” Send us off to our next destination with a collective energy. At our “morning movement,” come warm up with us around 7 o’clock as we process the stories gathered the day before from your own community. Then join us as we walk, jog, and run further downriver.
  • Invite us for an extended stay, or perhaps a late night, and we’ll create a performance that relays the many stories from communities upriver of your own. Collaborate with us to make an event that connects your own arts community with this new body of research.