Run to Partner

This is my first weekly log here, and somewhat in anticipation of the forthcoming 30 days of travel starting at the end of this month to the end of the next. But I thought I'd get a jump start, build up a practice, and also share with you a bit of the work we are doing here in our studio, developing the mode of researching that we will use in the field along the Great River.

We are currently studying the quality of relationships and movements that create relationships. Today we built a score starting with two people in a staggered run transitioning into those people holding space for each other while still traveling. Eventually the space compresses and tension compels a reaching movement toward the other. Then the reach turns into a grab, the grab into a hold, the hold into a carry, and in a transfer of vulnerability and responsibility, they carry each other along a path into a prescribed space.

Once inside the space, the cycle of movements devolve. The carrying becomes holding, the holding becomes holding space, out of the space they reach for each other, they find each other and grab hold, holding on again they carry each other out of the space and the cycle begins again.

We had many questions about what "holding space" really means—finding it is not about listening or responding even, but more about the physical action an object does to create a space between itself and another body or object. We also found this score a kind of endurance relay, holding and carrying pushing the body to its limits, requiring trust and determination, transforming the body through each cycle.

Today was a first step closer, a first or second draft maybe of the performance for June 1st at Chicago Artists Coalition with Brent Fogt... but also, a deeper investigation into how we create performance in the field, listening with our bodies to the stories we gather from residents along the river. We are tuning ourselves. We are becoming dancer-athletes, fully.