Carla Gruby, Company Member

Carla Gruby is a Chicago-based movement performance artist; she graduated with a BFA in dance from University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana. She has since been working to merge her practices of dance and performance art using different mediums and influences from her own everyday experiences, as well as drawing upon current sociopolitical issues. Her work focuses on LGBTQIA+ communities and activism. She has shown work at The Hyde Park Arts Center, Links Hall, Research Project at Outerspace, and some DIY at-home performances. Carla is currently the Artistic Coordinator of the J e l l o Performance Series ( which provides space and documentation for performance artists to show work. You can follow some of her at her personal movement explorations at ( and her painting practice on Instagram (@poorpaintings)

Carla has never considered herself a "runner" before, but is excited to explore what this specific movement practice looks like within herself, and to be researching alongside her fellow team members with A House Unbuilt.