DAY 1 – JULY 9, 2019


Heavy rain moved in around 10:00 PM last night – raindrops falling on the headwaters and beginning a long journey south to join the Gulf of Mexico on October 6.

It takes 90 days for water to travel the length of the Mississippi. On that far-away day in October we’ll be gathering the voices of Lake Providence LA. Still a month away from the gulf.

Today at Itasca we stayed in place. No biking or running but always in motion.

Victoria started the day with a phone interview – KKIN radio out of Aitkin MN.

As the rain started around mid-morning we met up with Terry Larson, a canoe and fishing guide with a rich local family history and a deep and meaningful connection to river, land and people.

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After that we visited with Keith Butler to hear his stories of homesteaders, loggers, park workers and his own family who have existed for four generations on this land.

So inspiring to spend a day hearing the voices of such engaging people who are so strongly rooted in the natural and human rhythms of this beautiful headwaters region.

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So looking forward to the beautiful interactions to come . . .