DAY 120 (RE-POST).

DAY 120 (RE-POST).

Harking back to November 5th, a relatively warm and sunny day at the Mouth of the Mississippi River with some of our newest and now nearest and dearest friends.

Homeplace for so many of the people we met, up and down-river is the literal place they live—they have chosen to return, they have never left, they have adopted.

Relay of Voices was my effort to run home, to understand homeplace as defined by and related to water, the river, the way of life around it. I found my homeplace, however, not just at the Mouth of the River down in my home state of Louisiana, but I found my home in each and every relationship built along the way.

The people are the future of this work, the stories that they tell and the places that are tied together through those words and movements.

Keep listening…