DAY 2 – JULY 10, 2019


We dipped our toes in the cold clear water. Victoria and I ran together today. We won’t run together again until our last day at the end of the world in Louisiana.

Friend and board member, James Pike, had traveled to Bemidji from Chicago to be with us for our first leg of the journey. He shuttled Victoria and I to the headwaters of the River for our first leg. It was a short, hard run, ending back at the University of Minnesota Biological Field Station.

The bugs weren’t so bad today. We think they understand the significance of this first leg of our journey and are leaving us alone.

The day was filled with short bursts of rain followed by warm sun and waves of humidity.  Our host, Jonathon Schilling, welcomed us and then we gathered along the roadside to welcome incoming students who arrived by bus for a week-long orientation session.

After a tour of the facility with Jonathan, we had a great communal dinner with students and staff. A day of great hospitality but a late evening. Spent the final hours of the day scrambling to document our research and prepare for tomorrow and beyond.

Learning as we go….