Finished Day 4 with Mary and Terry Larson at their special place on Wolf Lake – a loon party just starting as we left!

Fell asleep to a nice sunset on the south shore of Cass Lake. And what a day today . . . 

Woke at Norway Beach to a riot of birds at 4:00 AM – really, birds? We took an early walk to the pit bathrooms down the road. Mosquitoes not as bad as expected but many bites along the way. Broke camp and packed the van. Did some last-minute reconnaissance of Victoria’s run/ride followed by breakfast at the 371 Café in Cass Lake. Server Nancy supported our satellite office of laptops and chargers by bringing us hot black coffee. Charging, logging, blogging and posting. Research! 

I saw Victoria off on her run, followed by a boat ride for me on the glassy morning water of Cass Lake thanks to Jim, Joe and Angel. Then I drove to the exchange point and set Victoria off on a windy ride.

Uneventful miles and very light traffic along this county road. Northern Minnesota landscape along the way – trees, birds, grasses, shrubs and flowers. Green all around with blue sky and white clouds overhead. Landed in Bena at the #BigWinnieStore for a night in Cabin 2. 

Met Sally Fineday and friend Peggy Roy for our visit with Mel Losh. Mel doesn’t have a phone anymore, but everybody in Bena knows where Mel lives so we set off to locate him. Found him “at the Y south of the café where the tar road goes right and the dirt road goes straight – he’s in the first gray house on the left.” 

Mel lives in a former café building moved from Cass Lake and converted into his residence. The interior shows little evidence of its past life. It is now the studio-home of an accomplished and hard-working artist – getting up between 4:00 and 6:00 AM and working until 2:00 to 3:00 AM in the morning.

Honored that he took time to tell us about his rhythms, rituals and routines. What a day….