St. Charles, Missouri to St. Louis is 22 miles if you take the direct route. It’s 42 miles if you follow the river. We followed the river.

Today we followed two rivers – the Mississippi and Missouri at the confluence. Tom crossed the big bridge on Highway 370 and passed into the Missouri bottoms. We were looking forward to some flat terrain today, but there were hills, big hills, lots of hills, 26 miles of hills.


Hills weren’t the only challenge – there was a flat tire, a passage through mud and water, a lost support van, a trail closure, an earthquake, wet feet, a lost rider and a missed appointment. Okay – the earthquake didn’t happen, but we are getting close to New Madrid . . .

The Cardinals and Cubs had a day game and the Gateway Arch was swarming with people. We landed right in the heart of downtown St. Louis – just upstream of the Eads Bridge and a block off the Mississippi. The Great River is behind a floodwall now. You need a higher vantage point to see it.

We took advantage of a small amount of slack time to grab some lunch at the Bridge. They serve wine and beer here, which seems like a good business model.

Roseann Weiss joined us at the bridge tap house and wine bar. She’s got an amazing background in the Arts in St. Louis, but I do think I spent more time talking than she did unfortunately. She was gracious and kind, and ultimately a great connector for our next day in East St. Louis—putting us in touch with Reginald Petty and his wife Edna. A short day here, but a long day to come in ESL. . .