The Book

Like many artists and researchers before her, A House Unbuilt’s Victoria Bradford Styrbicki will work with her collaborators and partners to compile a book chronicling Relay’s time on the River and more importantly capturing the data and narratives that the project uncovered as it went. As a sponsor of Relay of Voices, you will of course be generously thanked in this publication which will persist for generations to come.

Social Media

Working with Public Relations firm DEVENEY, Relay will have a strategic style for daily posts to Instagram and Facebook that capture specific experiences from the interactions that day. Consistent hashtags will be used, such as #relayofvoices, #thegreatriverroad, etc., and communities will be encouraged to participate in the trending media by using the same hashtags as they post and repost.

The Relay Blog

Every fortnight (ten days), Relay director Victoria Bradford Styrbicki will write a long-form blog post on These posts will include photo, video, and audio media as well as links back to local points of interest and other relevant details. These posts will include the River vocabulary that Relay is gathering from each town as hashtags, so that the blog will be a searchable archive for commonalities between river communities.

Traditional Media

DEVENEY and Victoria Bradford Styrbicki are working together to develop a digital media kit that will be distributed to local and national media outlets, including television, radio, newspaper and magazines. Victoria will work with each community to tailor the media kit to include a press release with local itineraries and details as well as photos, fact sheet, backgrounder, biographical info, and maps. This communications effort is meant to not only support the Relay project, but also generate a buzz around the lives and causes of people in river communities.

Your Name on the Van

Relay is driving through ten states, across 2,400 miles of Middle America. Put your name—personal, business, or organization—on the Relay van when you sponsor the project.

Master of Ceremonies

In every town or city where Relay spends time, there will be a community-wide event in order to gather and share stories with the local residents. Make a trip and join the team on the Great River, and connect with a community in which you have an interest. Take the opportunity to speak in one of the smaller towns or choose one of the seven urban centers to make your mark.