11:30 AM11:30

ELEVATE Chicago Dance

Production Credits

Choreographer: Victoria Bradford

Music: Todd Mattei

Angela Gronroos, Zack Bailey, Lisa Leszczewicz, Carla Gruby, Ben Sanders

About the Piece

A House Unbuilt is currently developing a social choreography in collaboration with 104 communities along the Mississippi River. This past September they visited Clarksdale, Mississippi—some say the birthplace of Chicago—and began to build relationships with residents there. These relationships are the foundation of a specific connection with the city of Chicago and the deep-rooted dynamics of race

that persist in both regions, north and south.


In their Elevate performance, A House Unbuilt will use the body to dig deeper into the themes that were shared and discovered while in Clarksdale. They will then invite the audience to think and move through our own fears and impossibilities felt in the body, as we build relationships with each other through sharing.


This performance and dialogue is part of the larger project Relay of Voices: The Great River Run that involves A House Unbuilt traveling the length of the Mississippi River on foot next Summer and Fall.

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to Sep 20

Mississippi River Cities and Towns Initiative Annual Conference

Director Victoria Bradford will be joining the 100+ Mayors that lead the towns and cities along the Mississippi River at their annual conference. She'll present to them the vision for Relay of Voices: The Great River Run and work to build a partnership with this important organization that brings the causes of these river communities to the fore.

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to Aug 25

DECLIVITY: The First Movement of Relay of Voices

Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago

Choreographed and directed by Victoria Bradford with movement by Angela Gronroos, Lisa Leszczewicz, Carla Gruby, Zack Bailey, and Ben Sanders, with music by Todd Mattei.

“Declivity” is the first movement of Relay of Voices: The Great River Run, a site-responsive performance that in 2019 will last for 120 days, engage 104 towns and cities, and cover 2,300 miles along the Mississippi River Valley from Minnesota to Louisiana.  Bradford’s team will travel the river’s entirety on foot and follow its natural downward slope, a “declivity,” increasing as it goes in velocity, intensity, fierceness and impact.  

Relay also begins in Chicago, the city that brought the team together in order to reach and engage with the people of 104 mostly rural communities. MCA is located 641.9 miles away from the headwaters of the only river which connects 40% of the contiguous United States.  

Relay always begins in response to location, listening to place, and, in the case of MCA, bringing the river to the museum. In “Declivity”, the team is listening to the labor of the river, the might of its crosscurrents, and the story of labor told by the water, the land, and the people who work it and live with it. Performed as a 180 minute relay cycle beginning on the back lawn, going around the building, and using the front steps, they walk the bottom of the river, run upstream, get caught in the current, meander, wait, maneuver, levee, breech, and remind us of their paths as they go.

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Performance: Brent Fogt's Do Something Else
6:00 PM18:00

Performance: Brent Fogt's Do Something Else

The Chicago Artists Coalition will present Do Something Else, a solo exhibition of new works by BOLT Artist-in-Residence, Brent Fogt. At the opening reception on June 1, 2018, a company of dancers directed by Victoria Bradford | A House Unbuilt will perform in response to the unique construction and placement of the objects. Playing off the ambulatory implications of Fogt’s sculptures, the dancers will perform a durational relay encompassing the city block around the gallery as well as the gallery space itself.

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12:00 PM12:00

Advance Tour: Natchez Meeting

Jennifer Combs and Stratton Hall have offered such a welcome reception for Relay in Natchez. We are so looking forward to meeting with them and others from the Natchez historic community on May 21st and exploring how we can collaborate to make Relay serve the region and find ways existing Natchez programs and initiatives can support Relay's endeavors!

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11:00 AM11:00

Advance Tour: Fort Defiance through Kentucky Great River Region

Norma Pruitt, THE woman of Kentucky's Great River Region has offered to connect us through the region reaching from the tip of Illinois at Fort Defiance through to "rally stops" Wickliffe, Columbus, and Hickman in Kentucky. We are thrilled to have her guidance and expertise to come to know this area and its history and people. Thank you, Norma and we cannot wait!

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