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$5,000: 3Arts 3AP Crowdfunding Campaign

$5,000 to choreograph an expedition on foot to gather and share specific stories of individual lives along the 2,300 miles of the Mississippi River.

The 3AP Crowdfunding campaign will play an instrumental role in raising the funds necessary to keep the project rolling during the second quarter of 2018. The success of the RELAY 100-day event in 2019 is contingent on developing a thoroughly researched movement methodology as well as connecting with the 100 local communities in which the event will take place. During 2018 the RELAY team will continue a methodical practice of one-on-one shadowing field work and related documentation in both Chicago and communities along the route. The team will begin a three-phase testing period of their collective processing methods and resulting movement stories. Experimental public performances at the Chicago Artists Coalition (May), the MCA Chicago (August), and TBD (November) will invite the community to participate broadly.