Relay of Voices: The Great River Run (RELAY) is a work of Social choreography and community building enacted by 104 towns and cities along the Mississippi River in collaboration with dance company A House Unbuilt.


Together we are creating a connection with the river, and the rootedness of the life along it, through collective participation in a series of activities and events focused on storytelling and movement.

Six artist-athletes will be running a relay, inviting local residents to join, and engaging each community to gather and share 624 unique stories of individuals who reflect the human dimension of life on the water.



For one hundred days, a team women and men working as artists, researchers and athletes will run 20-40 miles into communities along the Mississippi River. In collaboration with these towns and cities, we will celebrate stories past and present from all along the Great River that connects us.

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Find out about how you can participate in the 2019 effort to gather and share stories while building physical momentum toward the Mouth of the Mississippi River. Work with artist and organizer Victoria Bradford as well as local and regional organizers to get involved in various ways. 

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