Kent Lorenzen


In Jacobsen Minnesota just down the road from the old Farmer’s Hall lives a renaissance man.

Most days you’ll find him in his garden along the river. In the winter he might be out in the woods gathering tamarack or spruce. Or he might be working up a crossword puzzle to sell to the New York Times.

Living off the land is tough. Not just physically tough. You’re at the mercy of the weather and market prices and Kent’s one-man operation doesn’t allow for illness or injury. The work still needs to get done.

We stopped by Kent’s place on Wednesday afternoon. He was back from the farmer’s market in Grand Rapids and working out front as we drove up. He took time to share his voice, his history, the present day and what lies ahead.

Kent Lorentzen is a farmer, cook, photographer, naturalist, avid reader, on-line entrepreneur, collector, organizer, woodsman and many other things. Most days you’ll find him in his garden down by the river. The Great River.

Give him a wave next time you pass through.