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Organizers of the Relay of Voices Expedition to make a stop in Little Falls

A House Unbuilt (AHU) announces the public launch of Relay of Voices: The Great River Run, an expedition on foot from the Headwaters to the Mouth of the Mississippi River culminating in summer/fall 2019. With outreach and investment in 100 communities along the Great River Region, six men and women will journey the 2,300-mile distance running in relay fashion over a 100-day period. They will spend their mornings running and their afternoons gathering stories from local residents in each of the river communities in which they stop. Using new methods of research to understand the human dimension of life on the water by listening to human movement and everyday behavior, the six-person Relay Team will partner with the Water Institute of the Gulf to integrate their research with ecological findings.

In advance of this larger expedition, Executive/Artistic Director Victoria Bradford and Managing Director Dinah Bradford will take a 30-day tour down the river stopping in Little Falls Wednesday, May 2, at 9 a.m. They are seeking to connect with each of the 100 communities identified as “rally stops” and learn from local leaders and citizens about the region and its relationship to the river. The advance tour is also seeking to establish partnerships with each community that are specific and central to each area’s needs and desires. The public is invited to this meeting to be held at the Cass Gilbert Depot, 200 First St. NW, Little Falls.

“We see Relay as an opportunity for some communities to leverage our presence into new experiences for both residents and tourists alike. However, the region is so diverse in population and culture — we know we have to listen and adapt to each community’s level of interest,” said Bradford.

The goals of the Relay of Voices is to get people moving, to build a culture of listening, use new research methods in the field of dance and to be a cultural data into conversation with science

The local communities are invited to get involved by offering time to teach them about their community, brainstorm and shape how the Relay will impact their region, build engagement through social media and events, connect us with local citizens who know the Mississippi River and help them secure space to land and launch in the town, obtain permits and connect them with volunteers.

Relay of Voices: The Great River Run is a project of AHU, a 501c3 non-profit organization located between Lake Charles, La. and Chicago, Ill. AHU uses movement and the body to engage and investigate the social fabric of rooted communities. Drawing on vocabulary from dance, sport, regiment and everyday life, AHU seeks to un-build the learned architecture of the body to reveal the insights and knowledge housed only there.

Bradford is the artistic and executive director of AHU. Her work with the organization primarily takes the form of social choreography, using language from performance, video and installation, among other non-art disciplines.

For more information contact Bradford at (337) 794-8222 or

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