RoV Basics

In Summer of 2019, five women will begin a 100-day journey on foot from the Headwaters to the Mouth of the Mississippi River. They will rally thousands of runners around them, making the journey a multi-state relay to accumulate not only the 2,500 miles on the map, but thousands more with the cumulative effort of the masses. As the women and the nation run, they will also use the momentum of their running to explore the stories of the local communities along the route. 

Every day the RELAY OF VOICES Team (RoV) will arrive in a new location around 2pm. A half hour later, rested and revived, the Team will embed with local citizens, acting as shadows as they follow along in the day of individuals and families, observing as their stories unfold. The Team will witness the gestures, movements, actions, rhythms, rituals and behaviors that surround this community’s lives. The Team will then retreat for the evening in preparation for the following day’s activities. 

In the morning the RoV Team will rise early and invite the community to gather with them for The Great River Run. Anyone can participate and travel by foot along the river, moving one mile, ten miles, some days up to 38 miles. Make it your daily jog or your Ultra summit. The morning will start with a warm-up led by the RoV Team, an exercise that will move your bodies but also stir your souls with the stories gathered from the night before. 

Download a One-Sheet below specific to your interest or community:

Race organizers and runners’ groups can assist the project in any of the following ways: 

Connect us with your running community by providing us: 
— Prominent volunteer positions at your annual races over the next two years
— An opportunity to speak and/or perform at pre-race activities
— Space/time to have a presence at your race(s) in ways that suit your format 

Promote and Support us using your resources and contacts, such as: 
— Place our logo on your promotional items and signage in public spaces, etc. 
— Introduce A RELAY OF VOICES: The Great River Run directly to your community through email marketing
— Invite your community to purchase entry to The Great River Run ($50 ticket which acts as flexible “race entry”) 
— Incentivize entry in some way relating to your own programming
— Come on board as an official “partner,”, permitting us to feature your name and logo on our website and materials
— Connect us with local sources of support, organizations and individuals, who may contribute to our effort financially and otherwise 

Work hand-in-hand with us the day we run your region— 
— Provide on the course support, nutrition, water for runners (aid stations) on the day we run through your city/region
— And/or connect us with sponsoring organizations who might provide those things
— Help us find/secure a “launch” location for the day’s run
— Aprise us of necessary Permits in your location and/or volunteer to help coordinate that concern. 
— Connect us with volunteers to staff the day in your region
— Provide logistics and technical support based on the number of expected participants for a daily event that looks like: 

7:00am - Warm-up Performance (Movement Storytelling) 
8:00am - Run Begins (Self-Monitored, Regionally-supported aid stations, RoV-provided Maps) 
2:30pm - Local Field Work (Shadowing)