RoV Basics: Race Organizers

Race organizers and runners’ groups can assist the project in any of the following ways: 

Connect us with your running community by providing us: 
— Prominent volunteer positions at your annual races over the next two years
— An opportunity to speak and/or perform at pre-race activities
— Space/time to have a presence at your race(s) in ways that suit your format 

Promote and Support us using your resources and contacts, such as: 
— Place our logo on your promotional items and signage in public spaces, etc. 
— Introduce A RELAY OF VOICES: The Great River Run directly to your community through email marketing
— Invite your community to purchase entry to The Great River Run ($50 ticket which acts as flexible “race entry”) 
— Incentivize entry in some way relating to your own programming
— Come on board as an official “partner,”, permitting us to feature your name and logo on our website and materials
— Connect us with local sources of support, organizations and individuals, who may contribute to our effort financially and otherwise 

Work hand-in-hand with us the day we run your region— 
— Provide on the course support, nutrition, water for runners (aid stations) on the day we run through your city/region
— And/or connect us with sponsoring organizations who might provide those things
— Help us find/secure a “launch” location for the day’s run
— Aprise us of necessary Permits in your location and/or volunteer to help coordinate that concern. 
— Connect us with volunteers to staff the day in your region
— Provide logistics and technical support based on the number of expected participants for a daily event that looks like: 

7:00am - Warm-up Performance (Movement Storytelling) 
8:00am - Run Begins (Self-Monitored, Regionally-supported aid stations, RoV-provided Maps) 
2:30pm - Local Field Work (Shadowing)