Southernmost Point in Louisiana

We made it to the “end” — the “end of the world” some people say down here.

First on foot to the last bit of land, the southernmost point of Louisiana, running our last several miles together over levee then road, accompanied by a heard of cattle the last quarter of a mile. Then we traversed the last 30 some odd miles by boat to the mouth of the river


with an amazing crew and a ship full of wonderful people, educating us on the land that has been lost, as well as the efforts to replace it along the way.

Later a larger group of people gathered and ate good food, as we do in Louisiana, and I shared a few stories from our time in Plaquemines—very brief versions of encounters, and be sure there is more to come (from this last leg and several other communities upriver that we have yet to write about, so stay tuned!)…

For today, as we get back on the road—this time traveling by car—heading up to the frozen Minnesota north, I’ll leave you with the words I spoke yesterday. Keep following for the rest of the story.

There is so much more…