We'll be running into your town between noon and 2 o’clock on a summer or fall afternoon in 2019 — check the calendar for the exact date! As well as contact info for the organizers in your community.

You can join us as we run into town or wait to welcome us in the park or field where we'll land our day's journey. We look forward to sharing the voices we've already gathered with you either right that moment we meet or sometime later in the evening. We use a technique of movement and storytelling that can adapt to any venue or audience, and we are crafting something specific and unique for each of the 104 communities with the help of our local contacts. Details about event plans in your town or city will be on the Itinerary and on Facebook as well as through your community's own listings.


We'll get started around 7 o'clock with with a process of listening, discussing and moving through our encounters and experiences from the previous day in your community. We invite you to join us and help us tune into the meaning of these stories we have gathered. Then at 8am you can push us onto the next location downriver, or even join us by walking, running or cycling along with us — building a collective momentum as we carry your stories with us.