Week Five | Guttenberg, IA to Clinton, IA: the next 140 miles

What a great convening with so many folks from the hilliest region on the river! And that’s not anecdotal—Tom did the math actually, and discerned that the greatest elevation change we experienced, greater than that of the entire river itself, was in the stretch between Harpers Ferry to Clinton, IA.

Listening to the landscape leads to so much more… reflections on how the land has shaped the people, the culture, the way of life, up and down the river. This week we came together and reflected on differences and things shared from Eastern Iowa to Gulf Coast, and there was so much energy in the air to do more, share more, and journey further together.

I think there is more to come in this relay of voices, and people like Mandy Ludovissy of Guttenberg, IA and Chuck Isenhart of Dubuque, IA will likely be carrying the torch. Thanks to them for attending and participating this week as well as Jared McGovern and Susan Price of Dubuque, IA, Dean Shultz and grandson Tate of Clayton, IA, and Carrie Weaver of Bellevue, IA.

Recording and performances below. Enjoy and share.

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