Week Four | Bay City, WI to Harpers Ferry, IA: the next 170 miles

What an amazing hour (plus), coming together with ten of the most generous, insightful folks from our time on the river. In the week four Zoom, we received updates from Winona to Harpers Ferry, and even a write-in update from Bay City—just to know a little more specifically how life has changed this year from last. We all know the world has changed, but it’s so helpful to hear real stories from the people whose lives we’ve become a part of.

This week felt very much like a real reunion, and we’ve all agreed a true, in person reunion is very much needed AND in store when COVID is over. Lee Gundersheimer is claiming host rights in Winona! So wonderful to have him in attendance yesterday as well as Derva Burke and Ann Langford from Lansing, IA, Pat Stephens of La Crosse, WI, Ken Visger of La Crescent, MN, Sheila Diggins and Jane Hasek of Harpers Ferry, IA, Kathy Sweeney of Pepin/Stockholm, WI, Val Reinke of Allamakee County, and Aimee Ebersold Schult of Alma, WI.

Each week we want to take you on a journey on the river with us, much like we journeyed to you and with you last year. Listening, deeply, to communities, voices, and landscapes is how we organize these reunions, focusing on new themes and new voices every time. Week four was “small towns, big welcomes” (communities), “crossings” (landscapes), and a “voice” from Alma, WI. You can tune into all of it below in the video footage, and register for upcoming Zooms here.

And a bonus “voice” performance created just after the Zoom concluded…