Week Three | Rice, MN to Prairie Island Indian Community: the next 180 miles

Three weeks of virtually journeying down (and up) the river again, and we are still experiencing a few technical hiccups! It seems it can’t be avoided when phones and computers are your only line of connection. I know that these virtual platforms are no substitute for the physical, in person interactions we had last year or could have again. And yet, I want to try to think beyond those barriers and imagine what we can do within these telecommunicated connections—what kind of discoveries can we make? What kind of ideas can we generate? …if our expectations are open?

I’m so grateful for everyone who joined us for the Zoom, including Lee and Peg Davies from Elk River, MN, and Dave Anderson from just up the road. Sarah Drake of Sauk Rapids, MN joined in with a smile, as did the cheerful voices of Rayanna Lennes and Amy Ransom of the Prairie Island Indian Community. And I can’t leave out Dallas Eggers of Prescot, WI who likely had a few stories to tell, but didn’t have a mic on his device! Oh the technological woes!

If you missed out, no worries, the recordings are posted below (along with a reperformance of “Hokan Miller”), and those from past weeks also in this thread. Also, on the A House Unbuilt website, a single place to view the “voices” of the river HERE.